Apple Expands Retail Operations in China
Zatrun Published at April 28, 2023

Tech giant Apple has recently expanded its retail operations in China by opening a second Apple Store in the southern city of Shenzhen. The launch marks the 55th official store in the greater China region, according to press release of the company. The move reflects the company’s continued investment in China, which remains a key market for the company.

Apple’s Continued Expansion in China

As we reported on, the new store is located in the Luohu MixC mall, a popular shopping destination for locals and tourists alike. It features a pickup deck to deliver online orders to customers on site, making it more convenient for customers to shop with Apple. The Pickup Deck is a popular feature in many Apple Stores around the world, and its inclusion in the new Shenzhen store reflects the company’s commitment to excellent customer service.

To celebrate the opening of the new store, tech giant has planned to provide its loyal fans with specially designed limited-edition T-shirts on Friday. Posts on According to Chinese social media, dozens of enthusiasts have been queuing outside the store since Thursday night in anticipation of the grand opening. This kind of buzz is common for Apple Store openings, especially in countries like China where the company enjoys a devoted fan base.

The new store is decorated with a “Padang Light stone floor and a timber veneer-clad wall” sourced from China. The company claims that these materials are sustainable, with the capacity of maximizing visibility within the store. This design approach reflects Apple’s commitment to environmental sustainability, which has been a key focus area for the company in recent years.

The Company’s Other Operations

According to the press release, Apple had previously opened another store in Shenzhen back in 2012, which has been operational for over a decade. This store has witnessed an impressive footfall of more than 22 million visitors since its opening, which is a testament to the popularity of products like iPhone in China.

The smartphone giant has recently accelerated its global presence. On April 20, it opened a store in India’s capital New Delhi. This move reflects the company’s continued push into emerging markets, where there is still significant potential for growth.

Overall, the new Apple Store in Shenzhen is a clear indication of the company’s commitment to China, which remains a crucial market for the company. By providing a convenient and welcoming retail experience, tech titan is well-positioned to continue growing its customer base in the region.

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